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Since 2017 I’ve been going to concerts and I can truly say that’s making my heart very happy.
Music venues are like my 2nd home and are also my happy place.

These places are a source of a lot of things for example:

– Live music
– The interaction between artists & fans
– Queuing for 9+ hours
– Making new friends
– Meeting old friends
– Sharing memories
– Making new memories
Places like this feel like home to me because I can be my ultimate self; being crazy, loud, having fun with my friends, not being/feeling judged, and If I’m lucky, I can also meet the artist!

Because of concerts, I made friends for life, it cured most of my anxiety and there I can be at my happiest.
This is part of the fangirl life, IT IS WHO I AM
I hope soon to experience this feeling again and for many other mutuals who have the same feeling about concerts as me.
It has a healing factor and I wish more people can experience this (again).
From a concert-lover point of view, I would like to share how & what the whole experience is to go to one of those concerts/shows.

How the queuing went and my opinion on the organization (from a customer point-a-view). If things went smoothly or if there are points of improvements & of course the concert itself + the meet & greet experience.
I will try my best to be as clear & informative as possible. I’ll give you some tips along the way to make you make next experience even better and memorable.

Don’t hesitate to share your experiences, I would love to read them!
Much love

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