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Get to know me, Rikishi

Hii lovelies, nice to meet you!!

My name is Rikishi, based in the Netherlands. Currently, I live in Utrecht, grown up as a city girl. ’97 liner, never hesitate to go for an adventure & to search for those little sparks of happiness.

My heart, desires, and happiness involve Fashion, Concerts, K-Pop & DIY.
You will be able to see & read my thoughts and how I experience these three beautiful subjects in my life.
I’m also active on the more ‘visual’ platforms like Instagram & TikTok @Loveyourhixlo

I would like to create a healthy & loving community together with you, so please don’t hesitate to communicate with me or with other lovelies. Let’s create a platform to inspire each other to learn & do things that we love the most.

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Much love

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