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IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam

This venue is a small venue located at Amsterdam Noord. It will only take 7 minutes with the ferry from Amsterdam Central. 

Paradiso Noord is a venue that belongs to the organization & bigger venue Paradiso.  Because Noord has only a capacity of 550 people, so smaller artists  can book this venue. 

My first ever concert was at this venue. I went to Jake Miller’s show. (More info about my experience click the link) 

When you enter the venue, you will enter a small hall where you can queue. Next to the music venue, is a restaurant where you get some food and beverages before the show. This venue has multiple departments, but the music room I went to was on the 1st floor. 

Before the staff members open the doors, there is a possibility to go to the restrooms. When they check your ticket and let you in, you can put your belongings in the lockers right across from you. After that, you have to go one floor up to the music room. 

When you enter the room, you can stay on the main floor. Or you can go a level up, so you can see the stage/artist from above.  

After the show, you can get artist’s merch (if it’s provided). The merch stand is the first thing you will see when you go exit the music room. 



So far I went to this venue 3 times, and every time it was a good experience. 

The staff is helpful, and very clear when you have questions & stuff. 



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