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De Passage 100, 1101 AX Amsterdam

This venue is one of the biggest venues in the Netherlands. The venue has a capacity of 17.000 people. 

It is 7-10 minutes by foot from Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA train station. 


When outside queuing, the staff members make different queues by displaying it on a led-screen. You will see Ring 1, Ring 2, and Floor. Queues for people who have VIP and Soundcheck tickets will also be there. 

When it is time to enter the venue, the staff members will check your ticket. Security will then inspect your bag for objects that are harmful to people. Ziggo Dome holds a bag policy! 

After security, you will enter a big (main) hall. The signs above tell you which way you have to go according to your purchased ticket. At the sides of the venue are lockers to place your belongings and restrooms free of use. Before you enter the room, there is a stand to buy merchandise from your favorite artist. 

There are large doors that divide the music room from the main hall. If I can recall you enter the room from the sides. At the end of the show, you exit from the sides and the back of the room. 

When you own a Floor one ticket, you have to take the stairs to go up. If I believe there is an escalator to the 1st floor too. If you own a Floor two ticket, you can take the escalators to go up. There will be plenty of staff members that can lead you the way. On each floor, there are food courts to get your food and (alcoholic) beverages. Ziggo Dome does have a coin system. To clarify: You have to exchange money for coins. With that, you can pay for your food and beverages. 



The biggest concert I went to at this venue was BTS: Love Yourself tour. 

That was in October 2018. Honestly, that was the only time I was unsatisfied with the organization. When I went there to other concerts, the experience was good. 

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