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ATEEZ: ‘The Expedition Tour’


12 April 2019, Amsterdam

A group of 8 members who are CRAZY talented, ready to make a great impact in Kpop.

Since their debut, many people were mentioning them & praised them for their hard work.

I saw Ateez’s dance videos but never took the time and effort to get to know them better.

When the European leg of ‘The Expedition Tour’ was announced, my gut feeling was telling me to see them. I bought a regular ticket.
I knew many of my friends were going, so I wanted to have some fun and meet up with my friends.

Around 11:30 AM, I arrived at the venue ‘Q Factory’ in Amsterdam.
Just like I thought, many Atiny’s were there already.
If I recall correctly, there were a group of people already queueing around 6:30 AM.

When I arrived at the venue, I went to the person who’s in charge of giving numbers to people in line.

At the venue, they were 3 queues; VIP, Early Entrance & Regular.

After many hours of having fun, getting freebies, getting to know new people, and making new friends, it was time to enter the venue.

I was lucky enough to be standing with some new friends around the middle of the venue. With some of the Atiny’s who were stanning the boys from the beginning. It was amazing to experience their love and enthusiasm for Ateez.

With that, I can totally understand why!! Not long when the show started, I saw the power & talent they hold. Even the parts of the show when they were talking and interacting with the fans, it was heartwarming to see how sweet & loving they are.

Even tho I watched some music videos & other kinds of footage of them, to experience their energy & vibe in real life is UNREAL.

! Please remind to stay hydrated and to eat well before the show!
A lot of fans passed out during the show. And had to be taken out of the crowd to go to EHBO / First aid.

Not long into the show, I told myself that they are definitely on my group stan list.

I bet you are wondering who caught my eye at the show….

It was San.

This little bean made me smile so much, and I just liked his face a lot.

Anyway, moving on…

I had a blast & I’m looking forward to seeing them again in Amsterdam.

If you went to ‘The Expedition Tour’ let me know your experience! Was it your first time seeing them also? Did you go to multiple shows? I would love to read it.

Much love

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