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The Boyz ‘Dreamlike’ tour

20 December 2019, Amsterdam

This concert was one of them that I went to last minute.

The reason why I got a ticket last minute is that I didn’t have enough money to get the concert tickets.
I was able to get a regular (discounted) ticket last minute via someone from Twitter.

Fans were queueing from early afternoon at the venue Melkweg in Amsterdam.

The venue had a new policy that it wasn’t allowed to queue before the 2 hours of entry.
Security placed fences in front of their property.

There were 3 kinds of tickets;
– VIP Photo (group) ticket
– VIP High Touch ticket
– Regular ticket

People with the VIP Photo ticket entered first inside since they would have their group photo right away before the show.

After that, the VIP high touch ticket holders entered inside for their placemen before the start of the show. (The High Touch event part will hold after the concert)

And lastly, the regular ticket holders can go inside the venue.

When you enter inside, you can buy merch at the stand, put your stuff inside  the lockers, and go to the restroom.

Since one of my best friends had a High Touch ticket, I was able to stand with her together with some new made friends. Together with the new friends, it was such a good vibe before the show. A good start of the night.

Honestly, The Boyz is a group whom I didn’t know quite well then. Also most of the members’ names and how they are.  I just knew their music. My fav songs are ‘Boom Bloom’ and ‘No Air’ and I needed to hear them perform live.
I did watch a members guide to at least know SOMETHING about them.

And because of that I gained 2 biases: Kevin and Eric.

When they started the show, it felt like a boost of energy coming off the stage.
I also found it thoughtful for some of the members to learn some Dutch words, to connect with Deobi (TheB).

They also took some time for fanservice and acknowledging the fans.

They performed songs from their albums: The First, The Start, The Only, and  Bloom Bloom.

During the show, everyone was cheering and doing everything they can to get the attention of the members. At some point, I was blowing kisses to some members that I didn’t know very well, and unexpectedly I got a kiss back from the member Changmin (Q).
Well, you can understand that he entered my bias list hihi.

Since Eric’s birthday was in that same week, fans were singing a Happy Birthday song to him in Dutch, and all the members liked it so much. They were dancing and sang as well.

The show ended around 10:30 pm, and you had the chance to get tour merch, get some leftover freebies, stay around the venue or go home.

Some people including myself decided to stay around because we noticed that the members haven’t left the venue yet and their transport was still there.
So we gathered around the van (with appropriate distance), waiting for the members.

After some time the members came out of the artist entrance and went inside their van while greeting us. When the members one by one entered the van, we were communicating with the

members by waving, talking, and showing words via phone. At some point, some of the members were also recording us.

After I think 30 minutes, the crew member started the engine of the van and it was time to say goodbye….

The overall experience was so good. After the concert, I got really interested in the group.
I would definitely go to The Boyz concert again!!

If you went to their concert, let me know your experience! And who is your bias? I’m very curious.

See you soon!

Much love

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