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Hii lovelies,

Because concert season is coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips & to notify you what NOT to do during queuing.

Written down below is not only for K-pop concerts. It can apply to ANY concert!

Good preparation is part of a great experience.
I’m the kind of person who makes sure that I have everything ready or that I have plenty of stuff and do not miss out on something.

What is very convenient to have?
– Your ticket (obviously)
– A portable charger + cable
(Make sure it is fully charged or bring multiple ones)
– Hand sanitizer
– Tissues
– Pocket size perfume or deodorant
(You don’t want to be smelly during the concert)


When you decide to queue, early or last minute, it’s good to keep in mind that everyone would like to have fun and enjoy the concert experience.



The first person who arrives at the venue is, most of the time, in charge of giving numbers to people. The reason why:  that there will be a clear order of who goes into the venue first and who comes after.

This task is given to the first person in the queue because 9/10 times the staff of the venue doesn’t do this. They are aware of this but wouldn’t take the initiative. They don’t want to hold the responsibility when something happens.
It also depends on the head security, if that person is following the order or not.

But no worries, (almost) every time the order of entry goes right, and everyone enters the venue safely.

When the artist sells different kinds of tickets, there will be multiple queues (Regular, VIP, etc.). Then the number system will adjust to that.
For example: If you have a regular ticket then you get just a number (1, 5, or 77) on your hand. When you have a VIP ticket, VIP (number of entry)  or V (number of entry) will be written on your hand.

If you’re in the queue but you would like to reserve a spot for your friend. Then it is possible to ask for a +1 number.
It really depends on the person responsible for the number system.
You either get another number like, you have number 45, then for your friend you will get number 46 OR they will write +1 on your hand.

When you enter the venue, the number system doesn’t apply anymore.
You have the freedom to stand wherever you want (within your applied section of course).
You can go front, back or on the sides. So it is possible for you (number 45) to be standing next to number 101. Or that number 19 is behind you.
In that case, if someone says: ‘Yeah I entered before you, so I have to be in front of you…’


I can’t address this enough; STAY HYDRATED

Please make sure you have eaten & drank enough for the whole day.
The reality is that you will eat and/or drink less because of the excitement or you just being nervous. That is understandable.
But good nutrition helps you get through the day, especially when you are queueing the whole day.

Even on the concert day, drink and eat something. Every human body reacts differently. Some people can eat something little and be fine the whole day, but some people really CAN NOT.
Please know your body! Then you will know what to do to make sure you don’t feel sick and/or pass out  during the concert.

It would be a waste to get sick or faint before or during the concert and not experience the show fully.

Together with mentioned above, go to the toilet on time!
It’s very convenient to know where you can do your little business.
Be aware that some (small) establishments will ask you to pay a small fee. There are public toilets in most train/bus stations.

If you are queueing for a long time, and you want to walk around, go to the toilet or do something outside of the queue, it is smart to let the people in front and the back of you know that you are stepping out. If you made some friends while queueing, even better. 🙂

Another tip with that, don’t go for a VERY long time.
It looks weird when you get your number and stay away till an hour before entry. People will not let you into the queue again.
If you are planning to walk around, come back to the queue once in a while. People around you, see you and hold your spot for you.
When you stay away for a long time, people won’t hold it for you.

In a way, it looks unfair but if you think about it, pretty logical.

To clarify: If you are queueing from 10 AM, which is pretty early, and people behind you step out of the queue at 10:30 AM, because they want to walk around and/or get ready. But they come back at 5 PM.
It would be unfair because you’re holding your spot for 7 hours, in whatever weather condition, heat, rain, or cold. And the people that stepped out can do whatever and come back, reclaiming that spot as if nothing happened…

Of course, you are free to spend your day however you want, but it’s a risk.
Don’t be surprised if people don’t let you enter back in the queue.

That is all the tips I can give you. I hope this has been helpful 🙂

The most importantly is to have a great time with (new) friends and make memories for a lifetime.

See you soon!

Much love

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