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Hii Lovelies,

If you’ve seen my last post, I promised to give you the whole run down to all thrift stores I’ve been to so far.

Whenever I have the time, I go to a different city to check stores out or to stop by an event.

Since I have a love for traveling I plan to go to as many cities as I can and If possible also in different countries. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, there are some restrictions to traveling. But soon we’ll be able to go as we please.

But for now, I give you some info on stores in The Netherlands.

I will start with the big city called Utrecht:

50/50 Budgetstore

Tiberdreef 28 (Overvecht)

It’s a quite small store next to the train station.

They have fixed prices for men’s & women’s clothing. The prices are really good. I bought a fancy black long skirt for € 4,- in really good condition.

I will go back for more skirts. Also, do I need to check if they have more goodies.

De Gebruikte goederen winkel

Nebraskadreef 1 (Overvecht)

This store is located above a car dealer. If you go up, you’ll be welcomed with a huge amount of space full of goods.

When I was there last time, I managed to get a cute red skirt and the blue/white striped blazer for € 3,50.


Oudegracht 206 (City Centre)

It’s a store that doesn’t look that big at first glance but it has 3 FLOORS.

It’s full of clothing, shoes, bags and other goods. It’s an affordable price but I can imagine that for some people that it is on the pricer side. People have told me that the prices were waaaayyy lower before. But because more people started thrifting, they bumped it up.

If you are looking for original and hard to get pieces, then I can truly recommend this store.

They have more stores located in Amsterdam, The Hage, Rotterdam, and Haarlem.

They have stores in other cities in Europe located in Copenhagen, Paris, Antwerpen, Brussel, and Hamburg.

I went to more stores but for now, these are the stores that I can truly recommend.

The other stores are either really small or they don’t sell a lot of clothes.

– Emmaus

Gloriantdreef 403 (Overvecht)

– Kraayennest kringloop Utrecht

Amsterdamsestraatweg 583 (Zuilen)

I will update you with more thrift stores in Utrecht very soon 🙂

Till then, Happy Thrifting!

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