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K-pop is a broad genre with different sounds, colors & vibes. 

It is not possible to only stan or listens to one group.

Every group and also each singer has its color. Each of them also holds a message they would like to send to their supporters. Some colors are similar, but there are ones that stand out. 

Musically wise but also personality-wise.

The groups I currently stan:

  • BTS (since 30 November 2017)
  • IKON (since mid-2018)
  • ATEEZ (since April 2019)
  • GOT7 (since April 2019)
  • The Boyz (since December 2019)
  • SF9 (since July 2020)
  • P1Harmony (since October 2020)
  • Seventeen ( since January 2021)
  • Monsta X (since April 2021)

 I only stanned BTS for a year, because I knew that the K-pop fangirl life is way more intense than just stanning western artists.

Honestly, some of the groups listed above are the ones that I casually listened to (at the beginning of my K-pop journey). I haven’t taken an interest in these groups. 

In late 2018 I gave in and started to stan more groups. (Which was a good thing to do of course)  


Some of these groups contribute to my life on a deeper level.

  • BTS – Made me Love Myself
  • IKON – Made me not care what people think & be me
  • ATEEZ- Taught me to Work Hard for what you want, it’ll pay off
  • GOT7 – Be my crazy self
  • Seventeen – Made me proper realize that my friends are my family
  • Monsta x – Made me feel loved

These 6 precious groups hold a big piece of my heart & I hope I will be able to see them perform live.

Do you have a group (or multiple) that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE? Let me know about it! I would love to read it.

Much love

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