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Let me tell you how I got involved with K-pop and how it completely changed my life.

In November 2017 my mom and I decided to move from my hometown to a small village to have a fresh start. At that time I wasn’t doing well mentally and was still on the road of my self-love journey.

I was active on Twitter and noticed that some of my mutuals turned into k-pop stans, so it was common that I saw some content on my timeline.

So one day I saw a short video of BTS performing at Jimmy Kimmel’s show on my timeline. On November 30th they had a show/concert and performed some of their songs.They were performing the song ‘GoGo’ and I heard Jimin’s vocals that got me very curious. The part ‘Dalla Dalla’gave me goosebumps. Not much later when Hoseok bumped into Taehyung and Tae showed such a cute smile that made me fall in love and obsessed over it.
At that moment I needed to know who the group was, what kind of people they are, and how they are with their fans. Took me less than a day to find out that it’s such a loving group and that they have so much love for their fans. They gave me a warm feeling, that I haven’t felt in a long time.

BTS at Jimmy Kimmel live 2017

Fun fact: Since the age of 15 I got into fandoms and the fangirl life. So I already knew the life and how things are before I got into K-Pop.
I do have to say that the K-Pop stan life is more intense than the western artist’s fanbases. But in my opinion, it’s so much more loving and life-changing. But we talk about that later.

Let me know down below when & how you got into K-Pop. I’m very curious to hear your stories.

Much love

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